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April 18, 2011

Real Whole Grains = {Lean}Body | {Lucid}Mind | {Live}Energy

Grains have been the staple food in continents around the world since early civilization. They were a vital source of whole nutrition that delivered vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber while providing the body with sustainable energy that was steady and productive.

Staple grains around the world:
Brown Rice
Buckwheat (or Kasha)
Whole Groats (or Oats)
Rolled Oats (or Oatmeal)
Barley (Pearled or Hulled)
Polenta (Cornmeal)
Rye Berry
Wheat Berry
Wild Rice

How to buy it:
Organic whole grains can be found in your local Whole Foods, health food store or natural food co-ops in the bulk bins.  They can also be found in pre-packaged form.  Whole grains go a long way in nutrition and value for money.

Cooking tips:
Before cooking your grains make sure to rinse them well and soak them for one to eight hours. This will help digestibility and eliminate phytic acid.

I found an informative article about phytic acid here at the The Nourishing Gourmet blog by Kim Harris.

The basic rule of thumb I use is 1:2 or 1 cup of grains to 2 cups liquid. Some heartier grains need more liquid. Contact me to receive a free downloadable cooking chart of grains.

Cooked grains keep well so it is time efficient to cook a bunch to last a few days. They can be prepared in a variety of ways from breakfast to main meals to desserts (Check out my recipes pages) and are ideal for adding value to your meals.

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